About us

Bunch of nerds, strategically positioned around the o’clock in order to satisfy your business and organisation needs. We are fans and even members of CDC, 2600, PirateSEC, and similar, but mostly free coders / thinkers.

Things here are pretty much simple. You wish to have TLD .com , .org , .net or similar, registered on your name for your organization or personal purposes, we doing it in your name, also depending on your needs, we can setup psychical boxes/servers to have satisfied your needs for resources, such as traffic, storage space, high availability, clusters, or your needs are based on services such as large mail servers (where you have to host 500+ of users on an email server) and similar setups, or the thing you need is just that web site thing, or small eCommerce platform where you can sell your products and services, and similar things.

All of these is possible to achieve with us. Also that was just ‘about us’ short list of things that we do, there is much more, but also there is a list of things that we never do, but that list is way bigger than this whole page.

So you maybe need web developers, frontend, backend support for your teams ? Someone to take care about your fleet in ‘the cloud’ ?

All you have to do is to try to contact us ;}

We encourage you to explore around in order to find a proper way to do so ;} if fail, maybe is on our end, and we checking it regularly so no worries ;}