Software Development

We do ‘software development’ for various purposes. Perhaps you wish to have stand alone application, or maybe nowadays popular phone applications for Android, iOS and similar. We doing this for more than 2 decades.

Process is quite simple and standard procedure. We separate whole process into 3 simple stages:

1. Development stage.

2. User Acceptance Test stage.

3. Production stage.

For all of the potential projects we charge on a calculation matrix based on the number of hours per developer.

To be easy to operate and calculate costs we offering it on this way:

1. Junior Software Developer front end, for price of 8,00 EUR per working hour.
2. Senior Software Developer front end – back end, for price of 15,00 EUR per working hour.
3. Senior System Architect infrastructure, for price of 15,00 EUR per working hour.

For large orders (10 and more hours per project) we approve discounts on these prices.

For example, to build one web site just like this one, calculation of costs should look something like this:

Junior Software Developer 8 hours, in total 64,00 EUR
Senior Software Developer 4 hours, in total 60,00 EUR
Senior System Architect 2 hours, in total 30,00 EUR
Grand total for software development: 154,00 EUR
once we are done with development, you application need to be hosted somewhere ? If we can offer you a hosting too ? So lets say that app from example need hosting too, it can be done for example on our shared hosting package DNA001 for 64,00 EUR per year. So in total whole project is done under the budget of 218,00 EUR.